Zany Friends

Here are a few links to other sites, featuring either great poetry or other forms of  wonderful creativity.

Jeff Mondak writes very funny and very cool poems for young people. Find them at:

Here’s a great site for all creative folks, brought to you by New Jersey artist April Zay:

And, if you like cool “grown-up” poetry, here are a couple of choices.

My sister, Kristin Fogdall, has published many beautiful poems. Here is one of them in Slate magazine:

Haiku and short-form poem fans should check out the awesome Twitter posts of my friend Bill Waters:

More links will come soon!

1 Response to Zany Friends

  1. Bill Waters says:

    Thank you for the mention, Scott! :- D

    rustling meadow grass . . .
    with fingers spread
    I touch the breeze

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