The Garden of Missing and Found

4 Responses to The Garden of Missing and Found

  1. Frank Batavick says:

    Scott, this is wonderful and should really resonate with kids and adults alike. Do you have enough of these to look for a publisher?

    Who does your artwork? This one is very cool as is the one for the “Trenchcoat Tree.” Very child-like and whimsical.



    • scottfogdall says:

      Hi Frank, thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. The artwork is mine as well as the poetry. As for a traditional or e-book publisher, I’m always on the lookout, but that is a highly competitive racket and I temper my overall optimism with healthy doses of reality. (I have sold a few individual poems in the past.) Keep telling your stories!

  2. Dianne Kerzee says:

    Your poem was fantastic.

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